Quality control

Strict quality control system
-Incoming material, process, finished product inspection and other procedures to ensure quality.

1. Cylinder quality inspection:
Protect the cylinder to ensure tool exchange in normal.

2. Changing tool detection:
Prevent disorderly tool and stuck tool, avoid machine stop running.

3. Machine geometry precision detection:
Ensure high geometry precision of the machine tool.

4. Processing grade technical analysis:
Verify the correctness of the parameters obtained by processing grade analysis to ensure the application is efficient and reliable.

5. Processing grade machining results analysis:
Ensure the machining accuracy and the highest machining efficiency, obtain the best solution.

6. Laser compensation:
Ensure the transmission precision of machine tool.

7. Three-axis motor load detection:
Make sure the motor torque is enough to ensure high speed high stability transmission of X/Y/Z axis.

8. Test processing:
Ensure machining accuracy and stability of the machine tool.

9. Concentricity detection:
Ensure the motor drive is stable, protect the motor and coupling.

10. Spindle circularity:
Ensure the perpendicularity of Z axis and planeness of worktable.

11. Spindle vibration detection:
Prevent damage of internal component and prolong service life.

12. Finite element analysis of castings:
Ensure high rigidity highly dynamic performance of the machine body with the best structure and minimum weight.