Spindle service

BAOFENG Spindle Service

Spindle Service directly from the manufacturer for maximum quality and reliability.

  • Our spindle experts replace and repair your spindle professionally using only original spare parts.
  • Prioritized handling – service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our BAOFENG 24/7 service hotline.
  • Replacement spindle; alternatively a cost-effective spindle repair service by the manufacturer within a few working days.

BAOFENG Spindle Service

Our Express Solution: New – or Replacement Spindle Service

Our spindle service employees can replace your defective spindle as soon as soon as we finish the initial diagnosis. A professional spindle run-in will be carried out with requirement-based geometrical checks. It goes without saying that the BAOFENG Spindle Service includes additional balancing and a final acceptance.

With our customized spindle repair service, you are always in control of your costs. After diagnosis of your defective spindle, our spindle service experts create an offer for you with our repair recommendation. Then you decide on the extent of the spindle repair.

Spindle Repair Service

Our Expert Spindle Repair Service as a Favourably Priced Alternative

  • Spindle repair is more cost-effective than a new spindle - guaranteed
  • 12-month guarantee for exchanged parts and carried out work
  • Usage of run-in parameters and cycles which are only available at the manufacturer
  • Professional installation of the spindle by our BAOFENG Service Experts
  • With Spindle Repairs the spindles are always converted to the current state of the art