Maintenance service

Mechanical Inspection

  • Check auto tool exchange system and oiling performance
  • Check whether there is noise 3 axis moving
  • Check pneumatic system
  • Spindle clamp-loose tool and cylinder inspection
  • 3 axis guideway and screw inspection and cleaning
  • Machine tool static level inspection
  • Check all button to make sure it is responsive 
  • Check whether there is noise 3 axis moving
  • 3 axis backlash compensating

Electrical Inspection

  • Check the angle and position of auto tool exchange system
  • Add lubrication oil to both pins of tool change arm
  • Check the cutting cooling system
  • Check spindle oil coolant
  • Check the sealing property and heat exchanger of the electrical cabinet

Optimization of Machine Design

  • We could provide improvement solution of machine design to customer if needed

    After check above items, we will provide suggestion of maintenance and replace the parts at customer request.