Medical Equipments

For medical machining, there are unique considerations when it comes to machine tool usage and selection. With more than 15 years in the medical industry, we understand your specialized needs, such as how FDA certification and Advanced Manufacturing initiatives play a crucial role in your operation. Ultimately, we can deliver CNC machine solutions that strike the balance between quality control for your parts and maximum productivity for your company.

When machining implant components for hips, knees, spines, and even medical instruments, you may have to deal with longer cycle times and tougher base materials. Our multitasking machines are built meticulously from the ground up to cut the toughest materials, whether it’s titanium, cobalt-chrome, or surgical stainless steel. Our machines also feature innovations that offer detailed accountability and traceability for each part produced, which is critical for the stringent and costly requirements associated with medical machining, as well as FDA compliance.