High speed CNC engraving machine

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The machining centers of this range are particularly suited for machining pieces such as injection molds, forging dies, cutting tools, aeronautical pieces, and precision mechanical parts. Rapidity, power, and precision describe this range best. It offers a high with swarfed removal precision and high machining speeds.

Features of High Speed ​​Machining Center

  • Eliminating the errors, slow speed, and accuracy problems of Ball Screw systems.
  • Machine axis interpolates at 0.05 Micron level.

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CNC Engraving machine is the art of cutting or carving grooves or characters into a surface. It is mainly used for the fine machining of small molds. It is widely used in shoes, toys, glasses, crafts, trademarks, hardware and other industries. Ideal for 3D molds & stamps, coining dies, roll dies, hot stamping & combination dies, steel dies, steel molds, embossing dies etc. Free Training and Unlimited Support. Feel free to contact us.