V series linear guide machining center

BF-1370V Vertical Machining Center

Model:  BF-1370V
Table:  1450*700mm
Travel: 1300/700/700mm
Guideway: X/Y/Z axis linear way

High precision and high efficiency series

It can continuously complete drilling, milling, tapping, boring, reaming and other machining processes by once clamping, and can complete coordinate boring and fine machining of complicated parts and molds accurately and efficiently. This series of vertical machining center is widely used for mass production of small and medium-sized cabinets, covers, panels, shells and plates in high-precision molds, automobiles, machinery, instrumentation, light industrial textiles, electronic instruments, precision metal products, precision mold products and machinery manufacturing industries.

X/Y/Z axis travelmm1300*700*700
Table sizemm1450*700
T slotmm5-18*152
Max load on tablekg1500
Spindle center to columnmm755
Spindle nose to tablemm155-855
X/Y/Z axis motorKW3.0/3.0/3.0
X/Y/Z rapid feedm/min30/30/30
Controller Mitsubishi M80A/M80B Fanuc: 0i-MF/Siemens 828D
Spindle taper BBT40
Spindle speedrpm12000
Spindle motor 11KW
Positioning accuracymm±0.003/300
Repeated accuracymm±0.002/300
Air pressurekg/cm²6~7bar
  • As the most distinctive model,BF-1370V has an innovative design, fully-supportting box-type base structure, Y axis aboving to X axis, ensuring that the table always maintains full support in the X/Y axis maximum machining range, avoiding the hanging situation when table moving to the far left and right.
  • Inverted T-shaped design base, which is usually used on the HMC, its structural stability and rigidity is better than the traditional VMC. Besides, the base adopt double-layer box structure, which will increase the weight by 30%, also the stability, resistance to deformation and rigidity of the base will be much higher than the ordinary single-layer structure.
  • X/Y/Z axis could option large-diameter hollow design oil-cooled screw, constant temperature cooling oil sent from the inner tube to the end of the screw and then return, discharge the heat generated by the movement of the screw , long-term machining will not lead to drift of the workpiece center caused by thermal expansion
Standard Accessories
Optional Accessories
1Mitsubishi M80B controller system
2BBT40 12000rpm direct drive spindle
311kw 12000rpm spindle motor
3Spindle blowing system
4Spindle oil cooler
5Automatic centralized lubrication system
6Pneumatic system
7Coolant flushing system
8Heat exchanger for electrical cabinet
9Double screw type chip conveyor
10Operation manuals
11Alarming light
12Working light
13Full enclosed cover
14Guideway cover
154th axis interface
1Mitsubishi M80A controller
2Fanuc 0i-MF controller
3Siemens 828D controller
415000rpm BBT40 spindle
511000rpm BBT50 spindle
6Coolant through spindle
7BT40 24T arm type tool magazine
8Chain type chip conveyor
94th axis rotary table