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Advantages and disadvantages of horizontal machining center

Introduction of horizontal machining center

The spindle of the horizontal machining center and the worktable are parallel machining centers. The worktable is a square indexing turntable or a CNC rotary table. It is suitable for machining the workpieces of the box type, and can be processed by multiple coordinate joint motion machining. Complex types of artifacts. Common horizontal machining centers are three linear motion coordinates plus one rotary motion coordinate (rotary table). Today mainly introduces the advantages and disadvantages of horizontal machining centers.

Advantages of horizontal machining center structure

Compared with vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers are easier to remove chips during workpiece machining, and are more advantageous for complex undercuts and mold cavity machining. Due to the structural advantages of horizontal machining centers, horizontal Machining centers can process large workpieces. Simply put, workpieces that are difficult or impossible to machine in vertical machining centers can be machined in horizontal machining centers.

Disadvantages of horizontal machining center structure

The disadvantages of the horizontal machining center are that it has a large area, its structure is complex, the price is more expensive than the vertical machining center, it is inconvenient when debugging the horizontal machining center, and the tool movement track is not suitable for observation during machining. The loading and unloading of the workpiece is inconvenient, and the processed workpiece is not easy to measure;

In summary, it can be seen from the advantages of the horizontal centering that the horizontal machining center is more suitable for machining the workpiece of the box type, and the peripheral surface of the box type workpiece can be processed. In the program debugging, tool path observation, workpiece loading and unloading, workpiece measurement has many inconveniences.

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