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What are the reasons for the inaccuracy of CNC machining centers?

With the development of science and technology, CNC machining centers have become the main force of production and processing, and more and more CNC machining centers have become necessary equipment for production. The reason is that the CNC machining center is not affected by manpower during the production process, and its processing uniformity is good, which can reduce the physical labor of employees and become an artifact to improve production efficiency and process messy workpieces. Therefore, the machining accuracy of the CNC machining center has become a problem we pay attention to. Now we analyze the factors that affect the machining accuracy, and avoid the wrong operation as much as possible in the operation:
1. Screw vacancy in CNC machining center
The positioning accuracy of the CNC machining center directly affects the machining accuracy of the workpiece, and the temperature has a critical impact on the positioning accuracy. If there is no machine with a constant temperature working environment, the machine needs to be idling before machining every day to make the temperature of the machine and the external temperature match. When machining CNC machining centers, it is necessary to check the reverse vacancies of the lead screw frequently.
2. Horizontal position of the machine
The level of CNC machining center is also a key aspect that affects the accuracy of machine tools. Therefore, machine tools need to be inspected and adjusted frequently. Most of today's machine tools are cast parts, and the adjustment level is also a way to avoid machine deformation.
3. Machine tool spindle
The taper hole of the spindle of the CNC machining center is the tool. The accuracy of the taper and taper taper is a key step to ensure the machining accuracy.
4. Tool
The quality of the tool in the CNC machining center is a key factor that directly affects the machining accuracy. The life of the tool determines the accuracy of the machining.
5. Measurements and errors in the positioning of fixtures can also affect the accuracy of the machining.
6. Effect of cutting fluid
Many machine tool users don't pay much attention to the cutting fluid. They feel that it is only necessary to cool the tool. However, it is not that the cutting fluid plays the role of lubrication and cooling, which is very important for the machining process of the CNC machining center.
In general, there are many reasons for affecting the processing accuracy of the machining center, which requires the operator to treat it seriously. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us (Baofengmachine).

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