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CNC Double Column Machining Center Process Division Method

Generally speaking, the process route refers to the entire processing route that the entire part needs to pass from the blank to the finished product. The formulation of the process route is an important part of the precision machining process. The main task is to determine the number of processes and the content of the process, select the processing methods for each surface of the part, and determine the processing order of each surface.
CNC double column machining center
The division of CNC double column machining center operations can generally be carried out as follows:
1. Take one installation and processing as one process. This method is suitable for processing parts with less content and can be inspected after processing.
2. Divide the process by the same tool processing content. Although the surface to be machined for some precision parts can be completed in one installation, considering the program is too long, it will be limited by the amount of memory and the continuous working time of the machine. Another point is that the program is too long to increase the difficulty of error and retrieval. Therefore, in cnc precision machining, the program should not be too long and the content of each process should not be too much.
3. Process part of the work process. For the workpiece to process a lot of content, according to its structural characteristics, the processing part is divided into several parts, such as the cavity, shape, surface or plane, and each part of the processing as a process.
4. The roughing and finishing process are used to divide the process. Some parts of the precision parts are easily deformed during processing, and the deformation that may occur after roughing is corrected. Generally speaking, in the process of roughing and finishing, the process must be separated. The sequence should be based on the structure of the part and the blank, as well as the positioning, installation and clamping requirements. The sequential arrangement should generally be carried out according to the following principles.
The processing of the previous process cannot affect the positioning and clamping of the next process, and the intermediate insertion into the general machine tool processing process should also be considered comprehensively;
• Processing the shape after the internal cavity;
It is best to continuously process the same positioning, clamping method or the same tool processing to reduce the number of tool changes with heavy negative positioning times.
At the same time, it should also follow the principle of arrangement of the cutting sequence of precision parts: first fine and fine, first and second, first and second, and first.

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