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Why do you have to use cutting fluid in Cnc Milling Center?

As a good helper for industrial manufacturing, CNC machining center use cutting fluids when working with parts. So what role does the cutting fluid play in processing :
First, cooling and cooling
Vertical Machine Center is high-speed working machines that cause temperature rise due to friction during use. Due to the liquid properties of the cutting fluid itself, it has the ability to cool and cool down. Its cooling function can significantly reduce the temperature generated when the workpiece is cut, reduce the wear of the tool and improve the life of the tool. At the same time, the temperature control can effectively prevent the workpiece. The effect of thermal expansion, warpage, etc. on machining accuracy is generated. At the same time, the cutting fluid can also cool the surface of the already processed surface to inhibit the generation of the thermal metamorphic layer.
Second, lubrication
In the process of high-speed Cnc Milling Center, the lubrication degree of each accessory needs to be controlled to a certain extent. The use of lubricant can reduce the damage caused by friction between components. In addition to cooling and cooling, the cutting fluid can also play a role in lubrication. During machining, the cutting fluid can reduce the friction, wear, fusion and adhesion between the rake face and the cutting, flank and workpiece surface. Ability. Under certain conditions, the use of high-quality cutting fluid can reduce the front and rear friction of the tool, thus achieving the effect of prolonging the tool life and obtaining a better surface quality of the workpiece.
Third, cleaning
The Cnc Vertical Milling Center will produce some debris, metal powder, or grinding wheel powder during the processing of the product. These things will adhere to the tool, or between the product processing surface and the machine tool moving parts. When it gets bigger, it will cause mechanical abrasion and wear, which will have a bad influence on the surface quality of the product, reducing the accuracy of the machine and the life of the tool. Therefore, when the cutting fluid is selected, it is required to have a cleaning effect, and it is pressurized at the time of use, so as to increase the flushing ability of the cutting fluid, and it is convenient to wash away the fines and powder in time.
Fourth, anti-rust
When using Cnc Milling Center, machine tools and workpieces are very susceptible to rust when they are exposed to moisture, sweat, oxygen, etc. in the surrounding environment. Especially in the summer when the temperature is high and the humidity is high, it is more prominent. Therefore, according to these actual conditions, when processing metal products and processing time is long, the cutting fluid must have the function of anti-rust, so that not only can the workpiece be rusted, but also the machine tool and the tool can be prevented from rusting. Troubled.
The cutting fluid plays a huge role in the metal cutting process. Therefore, it is necessary to select the most suitable high-quality cutting fluid when selecting the cutting fluid, so as to perfectly play the four functions of cutting, in order to extend the life of the tool and ensure the processing. Accuracy, rust prevention, improved cutting efficiency, lower cost of survival, and many other benefits.

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