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CNC Machine Center---The Prerequisites For Safe Production

As a cnc vertical machining center staff, we should shoulder the "safety" and link the daily safety issues with ourselves. I must be safe, not only for the safety of other workers, but also for myself. The responsibility of the security.
cnc machine center
So, how can cnc vertical milling machine processing be safely produced? What safety production conditions should it have?
Note on personal safety production:
1. Wear appropriate clothing. Personnel engaged in cnc horizontal machining center should not wear too loose or restrained. Wear appropriate clothing on the cuffs to avoid personal injury caused by the involvement of the cnc vertical milling machine in the hook.
2. Remove watches, necklaces, bracelets and other similar accessories before processing. The reason why it is forbidden to wear jewelry during work is that the accessories are easy to fall off, and the 5 axis cnc machine will malfunction if it falls into the running machine.
3. Net the long hair or tie it up. In particular, female workers with long hair should not wear their hair to avoid the 5 axis cnc machine being caught in the hair and threatening personal safety.
4. Protect your eyes. As the most vulnerable part of the body, the eye should always wear safety glasses with a safety frame during cnc milling engraving machine processing to avoid the production of debris or irritating liquid splashing into the eyes and burning the eye.
Note on environmental safety:
1. Make sure the floor is clean and free of oil, water, chips and other dangerous materials;
2. Check the walkway to ensure that it is not blocked in any direction;
3. Check that all material storage is safe and that the finished workpiece is in the proper container;
4. Do not move the protective device.
The above points are the most basic safety precautions in production and processing, but these are indeed must be taken with caution, especially as the staff of cnc machine center processing should be kept in mind. The reason why only the most basic precautions are listed is to let you clearly understand the dangers of processing, always be vigilant, and protect the safety of yourself and others.

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