Maintenance points of horizontal machining center

Maintenance points of horizontal machining center

       Horizontal machining center plays a very important role in our actual application. In our application of horizontal machining center, how to perform new maintenance in horizontal machining? The editor below will lead you to understand the maintenance of horizontal machining center Point.

   1. First of all, there is the quality problem of the horizontal machining center spindle motor itself. The spindle motor produced by small manufacturers is not guaranteed and may be damaged at any time. This is unpredictable, so choose the famous brand as much as possible.

  2. There is a problem with the cooling system of the Horizontal machining center, which causes the spindle motor to overheat, aggravate the wear of the bearing, and cause physical damage to the spindle motor. Therefore, you must insist on whether the cooling system is working properly before use.

  3. The operating system version used by the Horizontal machining center is too low or the system used is not perfect, resulting in engraving before the speed reaches the required speed, resulting in excessive engraving resistance and damage to the engraving machine.
horizontal machining center
  4. The horizontal machining center is not protected against freezing. The engraving machine is a mechanical product. In winter, especially in some areas of our country, the temperature is too low and the engraving machine is not taken anti-freezing measures, which causes damage to the spindle of the horizontal machining center engraving machine.

   Therefore, in our horizontal machining center application, it is very important to master the main spindle maintenance points of the horizontal machining center, so that we can better carry out the horizontal machining center application.

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