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Classification and advantages of vertical machining centers

Vertical machining refers to the machining center that is perpendicular to the spindle axis and the table. It is mainly used for processing complex parts such as plates, discs, molds and small shells. Vertical machining centers can perform milling, boring, drilling, tapping and cutting threads.Next, introduce its classification and advantages.

Classification of vertical machining centers:

According to the classification of the guide rails: according to the form of the guide rails of the vertical machining center, the hard rails and the rails can be divided. Hard rails are suitable for heavy cutting and line motion is more sensitive.
According to the speed classification: the vertical machining center spindle speed 6000-15000rpm is low speed type, and 18000rpm is high speed type.According to the structure classification: According to the bed structure of the vertical machining center, it can be divided into C type and gantry type.

Advantages of vertical machining centers:

The CNC machining center has the functions of automatic tool change and self-prepared tool magazine, which realizes one-step multi-step machining of workpieces and is one of the widely used CNC machine tools. After the vertical machining center clamps the workpiece, the CNC system controls the machine tool according to the set standard, and controls the machine tool to select and replace the tool in different processes. The machining process automatically sets the tool, automatically changes the spindle speed and feed rate, etc. Process processing can continuously complete various processes such as drilling, boring, milling, reaming, tapping, etc., effectively reducing the clamping time of the workpiece, saving time cost and labor cost, and reducing auxiliary processes such as measurement and machine tool adjustment in the process, greatly improving Work efficiency.

The vertical machining center is at least three-axis and two-linkage, and generally can realize three-axis three-linkage. Some can be controlled by five axes and six axes. The height of the vertical machining center column is limited, and the processing range of the box type workpiece is reduced, which is a disadvantage of the vertical machining center. However, the vertical machining center has convenient workpiece clamping and positioning; the cutting tool movement track is easy to observe, the debugging program is easy to check and measure, the problem can be found in time, and the shutdown processing or modification can be performed; the cooling condition is easy to establish, and the cutting fluid can directly reach the tool and the machining surface; The three coordinate axes are in agreement with the Cartesian coordinate system, and the sense is intuitive and consistent with the pattern viewing angle, and the chips are easily removed and dropped to avoid scratching the processed surface. Compared with the corresponding horizontal machining center, the structure is simple, the floor space is small, and the price is low.

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