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Structure and application of gantry machining center

Gantry Machining Center consists of two columns, beams, sliding saddles, etc. The gantry machining center can be used as the fixed beam type, moving beam type and moving column type gantry machining center according to the gantry. The beam of the top beam type gantry machining center is fixed, and the worktable moves; the beam of the moving beam type gantry machining center moves up and down, the worktable moves forward and backward; the moving column type gantry machining center table is fixed, and the gantry moves. The gantry machining center is perpendicular to the spindle and the table, and is suitable for processing large-scale parts.

Application of Gantry Machining Center

Double column machining center is a large machine tool. It is a large-scale machine tool specially designed for processing large parts. It is mainly used in heavy industry, automobiles, ships and other heavy industries. It mainly processes large and complex shapes of workpieces. Frames and certain parts on large machinery. In short, the Gantry Machining Center is a large machine tool designed to process large and complex parts, suitable for various industries, especially the large parts industry.

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