V series high speed machining center

BF-V13 Vertical Machining Center

Model: V13
Table: 1400*650mm
Travel: 1300/750/700mm
Guideway: X/Y/Z axis linear way

High precision and high efficiency series

It can continuously complete drilling, milling, tapping, boring, reaming and other machining processes by once clamping, and can complete coordinate boring and fine machining of complicated parts and molds accurately and efficiently. This series of machine is widely used for mass production of small and medium-sized cabinets, covers, panels, shells and plates in high-precision molds, automobiles, machinery, instrumentation, light industrial textiles, electronic instruments, precision metal products, precision mold products and machinery manufacturing industries.

Tag: Vertical machining center

Parameter unit BF-V13
X/Y/Z axis travel mm 1300*750*700
table size mm 1400*650
T slot mm 5-18*125
Max load on table kg 1000
Spindle center to column mm 770
Spindle nose to table mm 120-870
X/Y/Z axis motor KW 3.0/3.0/4.5
X/Y/Z rapid feed m/min 36/36/36
Controller   Mitsubishi M80A/M80B Fanuc: 0i-MF
Spindle taper   BBT40
Spindle speed rpm 12000
Spindle motor   11KW
Positioning accuracy mm ±0.003/300
Repeated accuracy mm ±0.002/300
air pressure kg/cm² 6~7bar
Dimension mm 3500*3600*3100
Weight kg 8000

◆Kindly notice that configuration and appearance are subject to fine products.

Standard Accessories
Optional Accessories




Mitsubishi M80B controller system


BBT40 12000rpm direct drive spindle


11KW 12000rpm spindle motor


Spindle blowing system


Spindle oil cooler


Automatic centralized lubrication system


Pneumatic system


Coolant flushing system


Heat exchanger for electrical cabinet


BT40-24T arm type tool magazine


Operation manuals


Alarm light


working light


Full enclosed cover


Guideway cover




Mitsubishi M80A controller


Fanuc 0i-MF controller


Chian type chip conveyor


Automatic power-off


4th axis rotary table

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