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What can different cnc machine center do?

We all know what various types of CNC machine tools do. So,what can different CNC machines do?

1. What can CNC milling machines do?
CNC machine center can process planes, grooved toothed parts and various curved surfaces. CNC milling machine can also manufacture rotary body and inner hole processing, and can also be used for cutting processing. It can also process some complex shapes with more curved surfaces and strict shape and position tolerances, which can ensure the batch consistency of a large number of workpieces.

2. What can CNC precision carving machine do?
Carving machines are widely used in molds, electronic products, hardware, plastics, jewelry, crafts, hair accessories, furniture, locks, shoes, glasses, automobiles, mobile phone shells, buttons, middle frames, lenses, glass covers, Toys and other industries. Materials include steel, iron, copper, plastic, wood, acrylic, glass, ABS material, graphite, suitable for mobile phone housings, mobile phone middle frames, mobile phone back covers, MP3 housings, MP4 housings, electronic components, fixtures, furniture panels, etc.

3. What is the CNC lathe used for processing?
CNC lathes are usually used to process linear cylinders, slanted cylinders, arcs and various threads, such as shafts, sleeves, sleeves, and disks. As long as they are rotary objects, most can be machined with lathes.

4. What kinds of classifications does the processing center have and what can each class process?
It is usually classified according to the relative position of the spindle and the table, and it is divided into horizontal, vertical and universal machining centers.

(1) Horizontal machining center: It refers to a machining center where the axis of the spindle is set parallel to the table, and it is mainly suitable for processing box parts.

(2) Vertical machining center: refers to the machining center where the axis of the spindle is perpendicular to the worktable. It is mainly suitable for processing complex parts such as plates, disks, molds and small shells.

(3) Universal machining center (also known as multi-axis linkage machining center): refers to a machining center that can control the coordinated change by processing the angle of the spindle axis and the rotation axis of the table to complete the processing of complex space curved surfaces. Suitable for machining impeller rotors, molds, cutting tools and other workpieces with complex space curved surfaces.

5. What kind of processing can the CNC high light machine do?
The high-gloss machine can process a variety of materials, such as acrylic, hardware, aluminum, aluminum, copper, etc., suitable for mobile phone frames, mobile phone housings, TV housings, camera focus hardware highlights, mobile phone buttons, mobile phone cameras, mobile phones Frames, rings, pendants, speakers, digital cameras, 3D complex hardware, hardware decorative pieces, etc.

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