High speed tapping center

BF-T7 Vertical Tapping Machine

Model:  BF-T7 Vertical Tapping Machine
Table:  800*420mm
Travel:  700*450*330mm;
Guideway: X/Y/Z axis linear way

BF-T7 Vertical Tapping Machine

High speed drilling and tapping machine center is featured for high speed rotation, fast and high precision small hole machining and fast tool changing. It could be applied in the processing of small-plate parts, disc-shaped parts and shells, which is widely used in 3C, automotive, watches, electronics, small mold, medical treatment equipment and other industries.


Parameter Unit BF-T7 Vertical Tapping Machine
X/Y/Z axis travel mm 700*450*330
Table size mm 800*420
T slot mm 14T*3*125
Max load on table kg 250
Spindle center to column mm 480
Spindle nose to table mm 150-464
X/Y/Z axis motor KW 1.5/1.5/3.0
X/Y/Z rapid feed m/min 48/48/48
Controller   Mitsubishi: M80B
Spindle taper   BT30
Spindle speed rpm 20000
Spindle motor kw 5.5
Positioning accuracy mm ±0.003/300
Repeated accuracy mm ±0.002/300
Air pressure kg/cm² 6~7bar
Dimension mm 1800x2500x2650
Weight kg 4000
  • Strengthened column and base for better rigidity with reasonable lightweight design of worktable, saddle and spindle box to ensures the machine efficiency and rigidity at the same time.
  • Top brand screw in X/Y/Z axis with low noise, friction, low temperature rise, lower the extension and deformation, while better acceleration and stability.
  • X/Y/Z axis screw with locking pretension design to reduce the accuracy variation caused by thermal expansion.
  • Roller linear guide in Z axis with large span design for better rigidity and stability.
  • Widen spindle hole to upgrade spindle rigidity and spindle broaching force
◆Kindly notice that configuration and appearance are subject to fine products.
Standard Accessories
Optional Accessories
Item   Name
1 Mitsubishi M80B controller system
2 BT30 20000rpm direct drive spindle
3 Spindle blowing system
4 Spindle oil cooler
5 Automatic centralized lubrication system
6 Pneumatic system
7 Coolant flushing system
8 Heat exchanger for electrical cabinet
9 Operation manuals
10 Alarming light
11 Working light
12 Full enclosed cover
13 Guideway cover
14 BT30-21T aemless tool magazine
1     Mitsubishi M80A controller
2 Fanuc 0i-MF controller
3 Siemens 828D controller
4 BT30-21T armless servo tool magazine
5 4th axis rotary table