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Dongguan Baoke Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd. will resume production in 2020.04

To ensure normal production, many companies have resumed work in Guangdong Province

Staff members at Dongguan Baoke Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd., will start work in 2020.04 to make sure production on time during the fight against COVID-19. We also have to speed up production to keep punctual turn-around time.

Chinese people in all walks of life are united to fight against the novel coronavirus at the start of this year and they are confident the nation will conquer the challenges and win the battle at last.

According to WHO, it is safe to receive packages from China, packages are not at risk of contracting the new coronavirus. Customers can be not worry about products safety.

In 2020, Dongguan Baoke Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd. will try our best to keep production safe coronavirus outbreak!

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