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How to Make More Money with Vertical Machining Centers

The average VMC (vertical machining center), even when it’s in cycle, isn’t cutting 30% of the time.

Worse, the real cutting, that other 70%, is likely much slower than what’s realistically achievable with today’s technology.

Add all the other time your machine isn’t running—setup, workpiece load/unload, cutting tool maintenance, clearing chips, etc.—and the typical VMC is only making chips 34% of the time.

Multiply all those wasted hours by your shop rate, and that’s what non-cutting time is costing you day after day, year after year.

Leading machine builder, Baofeng, is focused on increasing that cutting time.

Their V Series line of vertical machining centers is aimed squarely at solving many of the productivity limitations typically associated with VMCs.

While some may accept those limitations as the cost of doing business, Baofeng sees a huge opportunity for any shop that has the right kind of equipment.

To get more production out of a vertical machining center, it’s as simple as focusing on two key areas:

Decrease cycle times: Improve metal removal rates and reducing parasitic non-cutting time.
Increase spindle utilization: Eliminate unnecessary interruptions to production.
That’s easier said than done, and it may seem even more unlikely when using outdated or under-powered equipment. Here are a few factors to consider that can help you make more money with your current and future VMCs.

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