Slant-bed CNC Lathe Machine

BF-36DW CNC Lathe Machine

Chuck maximum rotation diameter:Φ500
Maximum turning diameter:Φ380

Integrated rigid structure.
Using high-rigidity turret with accurate indexing to ensure machining accuracy.
Adopting 30°slant bed structure,and the bed guide way adopts oil-water separation structure to reduce enviromental pollution.
Spindle is supported by high-precision double-row cylindrical orller bearings and high-speed precision angular contact bearings,driven by servo motor and synchronous belt.
X/Z axis feed system adopts pre-stretched ballscrew,with special bearing for supporting,which greatly improves the rigidity and thermal deformation resistance of ballscrew,and greatly improves feed accuracy.
vertical machining centers
vertical machining centers
vertical machining centers
vertical machining centers
Parameter Unit BF-36DW
Chuck maximum rotation diameter  mm Φ500
Maximum turning diameter mm Φ380
Maximum travel in X/Z direction mm 220/350
Spindle through hole diameter mm Φ56
Bar diameter mm Φ42
Spindle head type (optional chuck)   A2-56
Spindle speed rpm/min 4000 Servo
X/Z feed motor KW 1.8/1.8 Servo
Spindle motor KW 11-15 Servo
Turret   12-station servo turret
X/Z axis connection type   Direct
Tailstock sleeve diameter mm 80
Tailstock sleeve travel mm 80
Maximum processing diameter mm 400
Tailstock sleeve tapered hole   Mohs 4
Dimension mm 2415*1742*1680
Weight kg 2600

◆Kindly notice that configuration and appearance are subject to fine products.
Standard Accessories
Optional Accessories
Item   Name
1 Fanuc 0i-TF PLUS(5) controller system
2 biS12/3000 With brake biS12/3000
Spindle motor: biIP22/8000rpm11/15kw
MK-SV80-12T servo hydraulic servo turret
Automatic chip conveyor
6 Auto power-off
7 Heat exchanger
8 Auto Lubrication
9 Operation manual
Alarming light + working light
Installation tool and toolbox
Water gun + air gun
13 Hydraulic oil tank + chuc
1     Hard claw(6 inch)
2 Thimble(MT4)
3 Collect
4 Automatic door function
5 Automatic power off function
6 BT40 24T/30T arm type tool magazine    
7 Tool arm function
8 Oil mist collector